About Us

This institute is started only for our Passion for Physics. Come and see the changes.We also believe that Physics Understanding is not only required for Academic Purpose in our daily life as a tool to make decisions. Physics Understanding will be the Most Important Skill in very near future. We believe if students have interest in Physics they can easily understand it and then qualifying for IITJEE/NEET/ XII-XI/SAT/AP is a SIMPLE TASK. Physics Classes for class XI & XII in Delhi is started by Choudhary sir is a Fan of Physics.

Physics Point in Delhi is having a team of staffs who are having vast experience in the particular field. The institute also focuses on another important aspect, that is, time management. Students also learn how to manage time in exams and also when they are preparing for exams, which results in an overall growth of the student.

  • Classes for NEET PHYSICS
  • Classes for IIT-JEE Physics
  • About Preparation for classes XII PHYSICS CBSE Board exam.
  • Classes for physics.
  • Classes for PHYSICS in Janakpuri.
  • Physics classes for NEET.
  • Regular test in Physics Classes for XIIth in Delhi.
  • Individual attention in Physics Classes For XIth in Delhi.
  • Online special classes in Physics.
  • Special Physics Tuition Classes for COMPETITIVE EXAM ( IIT, PMT NEET, SAT...
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