Date - 20/06/2018

I am Rajesh Sir from Physics Point.
I am delighted to share my result of 2018 XII BOARD EXAMINATION.
Most of the students at PHYSICS POINT scored more than 90% in Physics.
They were average students, as their marks in other subjects were not up to the mark when compared with Physics.
My passion and dedication towards my subject strives me to work harder towards the development of the students which indeed helps students studying at Physics Point to achieve better results.

Rajesh Sir

Date - 27/03/2019

Topic : Electrostatics
Among all subject physics is supposed as toughest, but with a good planing we can encounter this problem easily, now with this Physics classes in Noida , students can take the advantage of it, Physics point in Noida is the best place where students of 12th, 1th, 10th, 9th, IIT-JEE,and NEET can achieve their respective result easily.

Rajesh Sir

Date - 12/04/2019

everybody as we all know syllabus for CBSE 12th and 10th change hence we must know details about it, as far as 12th is concerned the entire communication system is removed, this chapter was treated relatively easier in comparison to others , this chapter was very important for weak students now they need to focus on other chapter for good marks.

Rajesh Sir

Date  3rd May 2022

Hi ,

Students for our future comin days are very crucial , specially for NEET , IIT-EE aspriants. As after introducing CUET , one need to appear for competition for sure . Board result is not so important. Start preaparing for neet and jee . 



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